Zione Mission Of India Trust(Project report) Site address :Suraikudi village, Thirunallar, Karikkal Land cost 13 acre 30 cents1 acre – 37,500 $37,500 $ × 13 acre = 4,87,500 $30 cents = 12,500 $Total = 4,98,000 $( Four lacks ninety eight thousand dollars ) Building Estimate (Approx) 1. Reception 200 sq.ft2. Waiting Hall 600 sq.ft3. Office…

Zion Life Mission 12A

Zion Life Mission of India Trust has received the 12A for receiving Donations. It was founded on 2006. And FCRA is under process with MHA File Number- 6700962016. NGO no: TN/2017/0175200


Pastor.V.Selvaraj was born in kerala in skeptical background family.At my age twenty without belief I read the Holy Bible.When I read a particular portion (John 3:4-6), it touched my heart.Then I came to a conclusin that after death, there shall be life. So only believing Jesus Christ we shall have eternal life after death. So I Immediately accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. Then believing Jesus’s word I was baptized through immersion baptism(Mathew 3:16).Then God called me through his voice for his ministry. I commited my life to Jesus Christ. Now I am travelling through out India to do Jesus’s ministry.I have a church in Nagapattinam district(Tamilnadu). On 17-11-2002 I read a news in the “Dina Malar Varamalar” about the Bermuda triangle discovered by columbus in 1492 year. Which was an unusual light rotating in special way also some ships and aircrafts are disappeared during the travel through that region.Some evil spirits are working there to do such disappearence. So I prayed to God to know about that mystery. I saw in a vision about that mystery a light, a Garden within that triangle area. (Genesis 3:24)After he drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubin and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.I think that this is the God’s revelation about the Garden of Eden within the Bermuda Triangle. So I released a CD concerning about this fact according to God’s revelation.